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                About Us

                Guangzhou Devi Import and Export Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of  cosmetics glass packaging : perfume bottles, lotion bottles, cream jar bottles, roll-on bottles, essential oil bottles, foundation bottles, bulk glass bottles, perfume samples, acrylic caps, electric aluminum caps, zinc alloy caps, lotion pumps, fine mist sprayers, invisibility perfume bottle straw and so on. We can handle all kinds of craft : spraying, silk screen, hot stamping, uv electroplated, decal decor, frosting, polishing, lettering, stickers and so on. All these products can be produced according to customer's samples and can be supplied as per clients different needs.  

                Our new factory was built in 2005 cover more than 5,000 square meters, including the building area of over 28,000 square meters. With 20 years hard working, we have already developed into a large scale company with more than 240 employees. We have four bottle making lines which are all among the top ones in china: single gob machine with a four groups line and a six groups line, daily output about 100,000 bottles(100ml), double gob machine with a four groups line and six group lines that have a daily output about 260,000 bottles (5-50ml). So the total daily output is cover 350,000. 

                Our products maintain a good reputation among our customers both at home and abroad, currently 70% of our products are exported to Europe, Middle east, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Our family members keep hard working, ensure the best quality to our customers. We look forward to working together with you and creating a brilliant future!

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